Serious Buying Power


Buyers & Decision Makers


Owner / President / VP / Director


Have Final Purchasing Decision Authority


Increase in attendance from 2023


Attend for the first time


Attend to find new retail goods and network

Quantifying Success: Top Attendee Percentages!

Primary Job Function


40% Owner/President/C Level/Investor


24% Manager/Director


9% Consultant/Advisor

Primary Business Type


28% Tea Retailer


16% Tea Room/House/Bar/Outlet


11% Web-based Store


6% Hospitality/Restaurant

Meet new customers. Take product orders. Grow your business. Simple.

Today’s tea drinkers demand the best products to support their lifestyles and their needs are constantly evolving. Embrace this evolution and expand your customer base by reaching new industry categories that want the best teas, tea products and tea infused food & beverage options, to grow their businesses.

World Tea Expo

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Contact Ellainy and discuss customer engagement programs that best fit your sales and marketing strategy.
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World Tea Expo

Exciting 2025 Change: Second Floor Expo Hall!

World Tea Expo will be elevated to a new level – literally.

The Expo Hall will be located on the second floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center (South Hall) with a dedicated entrance. This change is designed to enhance your experience and provide a more focused environment for all things tea

Why This Move Matters to You:

  1. Dedicated Space for the Business of Tea: By having a separate entrance we’re creating a unique and immersive space exclusively for tea professionals and suppliers. This means more meaningful connections, uninterrupted by the hustle and bustle of other events.
  2. Enhanced Networking Opportunities: With a dedicated area for tea, you’ll have the perfect environment to meet with other tea industry experts, suppliers, and buyers. This focused atmosphere will make networking easier and more impactful.
  3. Tailored Experience: Expect an expo hall that’s thoughtfully designed to cater to the specific needs and interests of the tea community. From the layout to the ambiance, everything is curated to enhance your experience and engagement.
  4. Easier Navigation: The separate entrance and floor make it simple to navigate directly to the World Tea Expo. No more weaving through unrelated booths – just a seamless journey into a world of tea.
World Tea Expo

Why exhibit?

Find new buyers, expand your sales, and influence today’s tea drinkers with your products. Want to make a difference to the tea industry in North America? Now’s your chance.

Expand your sales potential by targeting Retailers, Tea Shops, Hospitality Venues & Restaurants, Health & Wellness Outlets, University and Higher Education Facilities and New Business Owners eager to purchase new products, including these top categories  

  • Teas & Tisanes
  • Mixes/Food
  • Financial Services
  • Design/Furnishings
  • Coffee
  • Food Service
  • Gourmet Foods
  • Ingredients (herbs & spices)
  • Packaging
  • Private Label/ Contract Manufacturing
  • Tea Equipment
  • Technology
  • Kombucha
  • RTD Tea
  • Hard Tea
  • Botanical Based Liquors
  • Spices
  • Botanicals
  • Boba/Bubble Tea
  • Herbals
  • Specialty Items
  • Growers
  • Exporters

Global opportunities begin here.

Make a splash into the North American market.

  • Generate new sales with buyers and distributors seeking the most recent products and services for today’s industry needs.
  • Expand your sales into the broader industries of health and wellness and natural products.
  • Stimulate demand in your products aligned with today’s industry demands.
  • Gain vital social and media prominence by meeting key Interact with members of the press.
World Tea Expo

Top 5 Reasons to Reserve Your Booth Today!

Get ahead of your competitors
Get ahead of your competitors
Start your marketing campaign to the global tea industry now – and increase your chances of sales and marketing success.
Take advantage of special incentives and low cost rates
Take advantage of special incentives and low cost rates
Save money and show the industry your brand is alive and well by promoting your products to the industry now.
New Tea Bar experience on show floor
New Tea Bar experience on show floor
Designed to showcase the world’s best products in a neutral setting for buyers – very limited opportunities to participate.
Interested to speak in the conference program?
Interested to speak in the conference program?
Sponsored educations sessions are available but are very limited. Contact us to discuss options for presenting your products or thought leadership to the industry.
Generate new sales by leveraging the marketing reach of the expo
Generate new sales by leveraging the marketing reach of the expo
Tailor your messaging to create sales before you even get to the expo.